Raster is structured as a directory of 23 productions and projects in the domain of performing arts, premiered throughout 2009 on the Belgrade independent stages. Raster 2009 in Serbian or English in PDF format can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
Raster 2008. – cover
Raster 2008 – Yearbook of the Independent Performing Arts Scene in Serbia is a bilingual directory of 24 authors/groups and their projects in the performing arts field – dance, alternative theatra and performance art/actions that had their premiere in 2008. Integral publication in the PDF format can be downloaded from this site.
dramaturgy workshop
Through the project Knowledge smuggling! (Šverc znanja!) we would like to open a temporary hole in the dominant knowledge market and intervene in the existing system of production and exchange of knowledge, smuggling it from official educational institutions into the sphere of individual needs and as-free-as-possible cultural spaces.
[Illegal_Cinema] entrance
[illegal_cinema] is conceived as an open (self-) educational project of exchange and contextualization of author, documentary, activist, queer, anarchist, forbidden and other marginalized and in the local context hardly accessible films.