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Ana Vujanović
:: Ana Vujanović

is a freelance worker - theorist, researcher, writer, lecturer, organizer, dramaturge - in contemporary performing arts and culture, based in Berlin / Paris / Belgrade. She holds Ph.D. in Theatre Studies. She is a member of editorial collective of TkH (Walking Theory) platform, Belgrade, and chief editor of TkH journal for performing arts theory; from 2010 partly in residence in Paris, working at Les laboratories d'Aubervilliers. Her particular commitment is empowering the independent scenes in Belgrade and Yugoslavia (Druga scena). She publishes regularly in journals (TkH, Maska, Frakcija, Teatron, Performance Research...) and collections; and is author of the books: Destroying Performance Signifiers, An Introduction to Performance Studies with A. Jovićević, and Doxicid. In recent years her research interest has been focused on the intersections between performance and politics in the neoliberal capitalist societies.