Raster is structured as a directory of 23 productions and projects in the domain of performing arts, premiered throughout 2009 on the Belgrade independent stages. Raster 2009 in Serbian or English in PDF format can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
Prelom Collective in collaboration with Cultural Centre REX invites you to a Frontbildung lecture. The lecture will focus on different methods of analysing the struggle of cultural workers in Hamburg. Combining performance and lecture, Frontbildung will dedicate special attention to the structure of self-organized groups in relation to the current reorganization of institutions.
The summer school is a part of the project on collective self-education in the arts and culture Deschooling Classroom(o^o). It is organised by TkH platform (Belgrade) and Kontrapunkt (Skopje). The programme activities were created according to the various fields of interest of the participants such as: curating of visual and non-visual arts, interdisciplinary dramaturgy, open source technology, etc.
Deschooling Classroom is a project that addresses the contemporary independent cultural scenes in the region, researching and offering an alternative to the hierarchical models of education in the art and culture. Methodologically, the project moves away from the concepts of individual authorship and expertise, and advocates open collective educational structures where self-organised communities facilitate horizontal production, exchange and distribution of knowledge.
Raster 2008. – cover
Raster 2008 – Yearbook of the Independent Performing Arts Scene in Serbia is a bilingual directory of 24 authors/groups and their projects in the performing arts field – dance, alternative theatra and performance art/actions that had their premiere in 2008. Integral publication in the PDF format can be downloaded from this site.