The focus of this workshop will be on creating with, writing from, studying and critiquing the research products of four unique interdisciplinary research projects initiated by contemporary choreographers Wayne McGregor, Siobhan Davies, William Forsythe and Emio Greco | PC.
Focus of SERIES is satisfying desires and their emergence later on…and what can be fanatical then. And dance is not consider here as a collective act, so it is observed in Magacin.
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BADco. collective from Zagreb celebrates 10 years of existence by organising a retrospective of their performances in November and December
On the subject of T.I.M.E, German musician (Fello) and 5 Macedonian performers who collaborated for 4 days developed a work in process. This performance, a border-crossing cooperation project is set on the edges of contemporary dance and digital music.
Dragana Bulut and Milka Djordjevich amplify the artifice of performance in order to reveal the generic character of contemporary dance and the larger system from which it is produced. They work with marginalized performers, whose inability to escape the pretense of performance is magnified, as their endeavor in moving produces a futile result. Does this signal a time for change, or is it just a soundscape for revolution?