The Berlin Post School for Physical Theatre-Dance is opening its activities in collaboration with Tanzfabrik with a unique program. The main objective of the Post School is to empower the "creative performer", self-aware and completely open to investigating subjects from various perspectives within a solid, rigorous and updated basis of Physical Theatre-Dance knowledge/experience.
Teatarfest is an international meeting point of theater groups which have a special way to form their theatre expressions. Teatarfest's aims are: - creative and alternative projects, research the directing, performing, speech, movements, costumes, music and other important elements of theatre expressions; - projects which research new spaces and media.
The WinterUpdateMeeting (WUM) 2009 will be from 26/12/09-3/1/10. You are free to come for a longer or shorter time. You are invited to make proposals for lectures, workshops, showings, classes or discussions.
The sixth edition of Festival NagiB will take place from September 15 to 18 2010 in Maribor, Slovenia. We call for projects that are undertaking a research in the medium itself and investigate new possibilities of expression. The works should not be shorter than 20 minutes, projects taking place outside of the traditional theatre space are welcome.
Perforations – week of live art is a new festival in Croatia with the aim of initiating and supporting innovation in performing arts, starting collaboration projects with local and international arts organisations and festivals as well as to nurture the environment for further development of independent artists and cultural scene.