The WinterUpdateMeeting (WUM) 2009 will be from 26/12/09-3/1/10. You are free to come for a longer or shorter time. You are invited to make proposals for lectures, workshops, showings, classes or discussions.
The summer school is a part of the project on collective self-education in the arts and culture Deschooling Classroom(o^o). It is organised by TkH platform (Belgrade) and Kontrapunkt (Skopje). The programme activities were created according to the various fields of interest of the participants such as: curating of visual and non-visual arts, interdisciplinary dramaturgy, open source technology, etc.
dramaturgy workshop
drupal workshop
lecture Vladan Jeric
web2.0 workshop
lecture by Miško Šuvaković
whatever dance toolbox workshop
Through the project Knowledge smuggling! (Šverc znanja!) we would like to open a temporary hole in the dominant knowledge market and intervene in the existing system of production and exchange of knowledge, smuggling it from official educational institutions into the sphere of individual needs and as-free-as-possible cultural spaces.