The University of Dance and Circus are happy to announce the possibility to, on short notice, welcome two new students to join the present group of five students. Due to special events two additional positions at the program for choreography MA, University for Dance and Circus have been made possible for immediate application and start due the 19 April 2010.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung invites selected German speaking fellows from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe to Germany for a thirteen-month course qualifying them in international cultural management.
MA in Contemporary Performance offers students the opportunity to focus on conceptual, theoretical, and kinesthetic approaches to contemporary live and mediated performance practice. In particular, we recognise and encourage inquiry in areas that relate to ‘site specific’, live art, digital, post-text, and radical theatre practice.
The Berlin Post School for Physical Theatre-Dance is opening its activities in collaboration with Tanzfabrik with a unique program. The main objective of the Post School is to empower the "creative performer", self-aware and completely open to investigating subjects from various perspectives within a solid, rigorous and updated basis of Physical Theatre-Dance knowledge/experience.
Nomad Dance Academy invites emerging creators from the field of contemporary dance and related professions, from around the world, to the nomadic dance-research-exchange-creative process. The programme will travel through Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia from 13th March till 23rd June 2010 . A group of 10-15 people will be living, learning and creating together. Deadline: 15. 11. 2009.