BADco (Croatia) / 1 poor and one 0
BDP 2009 will present the latest production of BADco (Croatia), Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek (Slovenia), Madalina Dan (Romania), Dragana Bulut, Gillie Kleiman & Lígia Soares (Serbia), Griffon dance co. (Greece), Kinesthetic Project (Bulgaria) and Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia).
Perforations – week of live art is a new festival in Croatia with the aim of initiating and supporting innovation in performing arts, starting collaboration projects with local and international arts organisations and festivals as well as to nurture the environment for further development of independent artists and cultural scene.
Newcomer talents and contemporary choreographers and dancers from all over the world are requested to apply for the competition with a new, original, imaginative and unique solo piece, a piece which displays unusual achievement. The solo must be presented either as a premiere or must have been performed on stage only during the previous 12 months.
POOL is a recurring format for dance- and animation film. Aiming for becoming a platform for dancer, choreographers, directors, artists, organizers and other interested people, POOL offers space for exchange of experiences, developing and advanced training, and presentation.
POLYFORME organizes a video performance festival - Marseille / November 2009. All videos from all artists are accepted, and the "winner" will have the opportunity to have an exhibition in Marseille during the next year.