Plateaux is an international production festival for young artists in the field of experimental theater, performance and live-art. The festival aims to promote new experimental forms of performance by providing them with a professional platform.
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MIRfestival is an international contemporary art festival, focusing on the experiment at the crossroads of performing arts and visual new media. Named after the old orbital station, it aims to become a place where exciting art is being shown by Greek and International artists with a personal view of the world.
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Today, more than ever, it appears that phenomenon of melancholia is omnipresent and decisive. In any case, the losses in our time are manifold and numerous: the downfall of socialist projects, of the society as a whole, as a project, the disappearance of work and class, the loss of a viable alternative to the political economy of capitalism...
Crime, sexuality and gender are issues that we would like to explore within the frames of our festival. We are interested in wider definitions of crime (in relation to sexuality and gender) which would go beyond the regular time / geography frame as well as beyond concentration solely on the victims – whose destinies leave them displaced, murdered, raped, tortured, killed.