POOL is a recurring format for dance- and animation film. Aiming for becoming a platform for dancer, choreographers, directors, artists, organizers and other interested people, POOL offers space for exchange of experiences, developing and advanced training, and presentation.
Schloss Nymphenburg, München
Traces, wall painting, detail
Was it a thriller? A hopless love story? A melodrama? Is it about aliens, or dead men, or vampires, or lovers, or a fantasy? Or is it a dream? Or a cinema experiment, or the myth of Orpheus, or about the way we remembr things, or just about "persusasion"...or a pop video?
[Illegal_Cinema] entrance
Petar Mitric
[illegal_cinema] is conceived as an open (self-) educational project of exchange and contextualization of author, documentary, activist, queer, anarchist, forbidden and other marginalized and in the local context hardly accessible films.
TkH 9
:: DOGMA 05 - Film as Performance

subject of the issue: DOGMA 05 - Film as Performance
Belgrade, June 2005