Focus of SERIES is satisfying desires and their emergence later on…and what can be fanatical then. And dance is not consider here as a collective act, so it is observed in Magacin.
Lala i Ivko
Lala Raščić’s The Damned Dam is a narrative in progress. This multimedia art project consists of performative research, blog, public events, performances, video installation, documents, illustration and publication. During September, October and November project will be produced and realized in a form of series of public presentations.
The Zoom Festival in Rijeka is a result of the wish to create a unique festival in this region, a festival that will meet the needs of local audiences for a diverse, quality art programme. The focus of the festival is those works of art that are difficult to assign to any specific art field and works that combine different techniques, methods and expressions. In other words it is a festival of intermedial art.
Before maybe you felt that you were a man or a woman or gay. In today's twitter flow of quick information; desires and conceptions change quicker and quicker. No time to change your gender. Your gender has become a constant flow of gender metamorfis. GenderFlux.
PACT Zollverein runs a residency programme, for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from Germany and abroad, working in the fields of dance, performance or media art. Residencies provide artists with rehearsal space and local accommodation.