Borrowing the title from the famous Dean Martin song, this notebook-like performance explores the mechanisms of forgetting, emotional consumption and remembering moments and spaces that have been evacuated or that were never there.
He staged a building, some kind of historical site. he invited his colleagues and friends to stage the site and to direct themselves and to direct it themselves so they did a coming and going of friends and colleagues and friends and colleagues of friends discussing their work discussing proposals of work working working together a platform of exchange of merging of the smoothiest way to produce and gain knowledge of experiencing and training of invention a performance a strange performance a permanence
Jan Ritsema
At the same time that the official 2008 Olympic Torch is being kindled by the light of the Sun (Olympia, Greece), Stromajer & Zorman are digitally igniting a robot with computer software. Ballettikka Internettikka is an ongoing artistic study of the internet guerrilla performance.
BOXING MATCH — ready-made theatre is a literal boxing match realised according to all professional standards of boxing as a sport. However, that boxing match is transplanted in the institution of theatre, and surrounded with literal theatre protocol
Schloss Nymphenburg, München
Traces, wall painting, detail
Was it a thriller? A hopless love story? A melodrama? Is it about aliens, or dead men, or vampires, or lovers, or a fantasy? Or is it a dream? Or a cinema experiment, or the myth of Orpheus, or about the way we remembr things, or just about "persusasion"...or a pop video?