BADco (Croatia) / 1 poor and one 0
BDP 2009 will present the latest production of BADco (Croatia), Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek (Slovenia), Madalina Dan (Romania), Dragana Bulut, Gillie Kleiman & Lígia Soares (Serbia), Griffon dance co. (Greece), Kinesthetic Project (Bulgaria) and Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia).
Perforations – week of live art is a new festival in Croatia with the aim of initiating and supporting innovation in performing arts, starting collaboration projects with local and international arts organisations and festivals as well as to nurture the environment for further development of independent artists and cultural scene.
We invite you to enroll into the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts. In the 2009/2010 school year, the seminar will take place under the heading Artistic and Social Assemblage of Bodies: Contemporary Performing Arts and the Powerlessness of the Political. In its ninth consecutive year, the Seminar will again be composed of internal lectures, a series of public lectures and four theoretical and practical workshops.
The summer school is a part of the project on collective self-education in the arts and culture Deschooling Classroom(o^o). It is organised by TkH platform (Belgrade) and Kontrapunkt (Skopje). The programme activities were created according to the various fields of interest of the participants such as: curating of visual and non-visual arts, interdisciplinary dramaturgy, open source technology, etc.
The Summer School will take place on 16-22 August, 2009, in Ohrid (Macedonia). The programme comprises of different activities such as lectures, workshops, seminar readings, discussions, film projections, and other events related to the issues of self-education and self-organisation in the context of alternative education in arts and culture.