POLYFORME organizes a video performance festival - Marseille / November 2009. All videos from all artists are accepted, and the "winner" will have the opportunity to have an exhibition in Marseille during the next year.
Choresound 09 is a forum and artistic lab that focuses on the process of composing contemporary dance and music. It is a week designed to explore and develop the collaboration between choreographers and composers /music and dance, and to expand the knowledge and experience on related issues.
The Herbst Academy 2009 takes place within Steirischer Herbst; in Graz, Austria, in October 2009. It consists of 2 workshops for students, artists, theorists and others. Workshop 1: A Long Memory of Cocaine; Modernity and the transformations of value and labour (by Max Hinderer). Workshop 2: Stratagames - A Theatre of Operations (by Tomislav Medak, Sergej Goran Pristas & Ivana Ivković / BADco).
Using the most advanced social software platforms and internet multimedia applications, dance-tech.net provides dance and new media artists, theorist and technologists the possibility of sharing work, ideas and research, generating opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects that explore innovation and the impact of new technology on the performance.