The questions we ask are simple: Does theatre has the power to make a change? If so, do students recognize it? Are they willing to use it? Is there a need to use it? What can we learn from other artistic practices?
I gave to this talk the title: «the emancipated spectator». As I understand it, a title is always a challenge. It sets forth the presupposition that an expression makes sense, that there is a link between separate terms, which also means between concepts, problems and theories which seem at first sight to bear no direct relation on each other.
Jacques Rancière
Raster 2008. – cover
Raster 2008 – Yearbook of the Independent Performing Arts Scene in Serbia is a bilingual directory of 24 authors/groups and their projects in the performing arts field – dance, alternative theatra and performance art/actions that had their premiere in 2008. Integral publication in the PDF format can be downloaded from this site.