Jedna od osnovnih ideja ovog projekta je obnova bojnog polja - redefiniranje teritorija Kafkinog "metafizickog" ostranjenja unutar konkretnih politickih i filozofskih postavki kojima se on bavio cijelog zivota. PROCESS_IN_PROGRESS je adaptacija cjelokupnog Kafkinog romana uoblicena u VJ operu-performans, u kojoj su suceljeni zivi mediji glumca i videa.
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Today, more than ever, it appears that phenomenon of melancholia is omnipresent and decisive. In any case, the losses in our time are manifold and numerous: the downfall of socialist projects, of the society as a whole, as a project, the disappearance of work and class, the loss of a viable alternative to the political economy of capitalism...
Borrowing the title from the famous Dean Martin song, this notebook-like performance explores the mechanisms of forgetting, emotional consumption and remembering moments and spaces that have been evacuated or that were never there.
Crime, sexuality and gender are issues that we would like to explore within the frames of our festival. We are interested in wider definitions of crime (in relation to sexuality and gender) which would go beyond the regular time / geography frame as well as beyond concentration solely on the victims – whose destinies leave them displaced, murdered, raped, tortured, killed.