The focus of this workshop will be on creating with, writing from, studying and critiquing the research products of four unique interdisciplinary research projects initiated by contemporary choreographers Wayne McGregor, Siobhan Davies, William Forsythe and Emio Greco | PC.
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BADco. collective from Zagreb celebrates 10 years of existence by organising a retrospective of their performances in November and December
SEMI-INTERPRETATIONS or how to explain contemporary dance to an undead hare ************** Semi-inspired by work of: Joseph Beuys, Francoise Delsarte, Steven Shaviro, Bruno Latour and Graham Harman
The questions we ask are simple: Does theatre has the power to make a change? If so, do students recognize it? Are they willing to use it? Is there a need to use it? What can we learn from other artistic practices?
“Delusional perhaps but Constellation always hopes we are up to more than just providing popular entertainment, an idea occasionally reinforced when practitioners of artforms outside of music seek to collaborate with our artists.[...] Our humble projects perhaps receive no greater commendation than when they are married with contemporary dance artists [...].” Don Wilkie from Constellation Records