BADco. continues research on the application of advanced computer technologies in choreographic artistic practice. After a series of workshops and presentations of Whatever Dance Toolbox (WDT) locally and abroad, BADco. invites you to a workshop in Zagreb...
WHATEVER BADco. is the first issue of a new publishing project titled WHATEVER. The project WHATEVER will be a series of publications whose content, thematic frame, editorial team, publisher, graphic design, format, etc. can be determined by anyone who wishes to publish or edit an issue.
The upcoming winter shedule includes master workshops and guest performances with Frédéric Gies and André Lepecki, artist-in residence program with Isabelle Schad and also artist-in-residence program with Ivana Mueller planned for spring-summer 2009.
Simpozij ce se koncentrirati na kinematografske moduse koreografije (moduse koreo-filma, kinematografskog misljenja i prakse u plesu) i time odvesti korak dalje pretpostavke i teme predlozene tijekom Filmskih mutacija: festivala nevidljivog filma, jedne od osovina EDA projekta.