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Bojana Cvejić and Marko Kostanić
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Bojana Cvejić and Marko Kostanić 
Introductory Remarks
Nina Power
The Only Good Public is a Moving Public
Boris Čučković 
Autonomy Today
Sigrid Merx
An Argument for Autonomy: The Missing Link in the Discursive Arena
Vesna Vuković
How Art Works (and not What It Shows)
Mario Kikaš
Cut, or Else: On Performing (Performance) Theory in the New Circumstances
Boris Postnikov
A Few Messages from Our Sponsors: Advertising between Art and Public Space
“Sharp Thoughts” Debate:
Igor Dobričić
The “Privatepublic”
Sigrid Merx
Private – Public: Reactivating the Distinction (Response to Igor Dobričić) 
Bojana Cvejić, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović
Interview with Bruno Latour
Sezgin Boynik
The Art of Slogans (the constative part)
Siniša Ilić and Ana Vujanović /  theoretical comic
Dull Smart Mobs