Through the program Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence the fabrik Potsdam initiates and supports artistic projects in contemporary dance, choreography and performance with work residencies that include financial, creative, technical and logistical support. The program is oriented to professional artists and groups, from within and beyond Germany.
You are free to come for a longer or shorter time. You are invited to make proposals for lectures, workshops, classes or discussions. Nonetheless the WUM is considered more a meeting to update each other. Unlike the SummerUniversity (SU) which is considered to exchange knowledge and experience actively.
APT is post-graduate training programme, part of PoPoK. It is an open research environment, based on the principles of self-education and collaboration. During a 12 month trajectory the participants are invited to develop their personal research project, in 3 separate blocks of 3 months.
Gulliver Connect is a mobility programme that supports international levels of cultural cooperation between professionals. The programme is intended for young artists, art managers, and cultural operators in Europe. This new call for candidates is open to young applicants as well as to hosting structures in Eastern Europe.
The encounter of art and activist collectives from three continents is a small piece in the mosaic of numerous experiments of symbolic and material social recomposition in times of capitalism's profound systemic crisis. It represents an opportunity to rekindle discussions about the tradition of radical pedagogy and the methods of co-research...