After digitally igniting a robot with computer software (Ballettikka Internettikka: Olymppikka; March 2008), Stromajer and Zorman are pressing, flattening and grinding two fragile robots-in-love with merciless heavy hydraulic press machine (800 tons).
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MIRfestival is an international contemporary art festival, focusing on the experiment at the crossroads of performing arts and visual new media. Named after the old orbital station, it aims to become a place where exciting art is being shown by Greek and International artists with a personal view of the world.
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Today, more than ever, it appears that phenomenon of melancholia is omnipresent and decisive. In any case, the losses in our time are manifold and numerous: the downfall of socialist projects, of the society as a whole, as a project, the disappearance of work and class, the loss of a viable alternative to the political economy of capitalism...
At this walk-through we will unveil a number of exciting new features that have been implemented as UpStage V2.01; these include clickable hyperlinks in the chat window, the ability to move your avatar in front of and behind other avatars on the stage, and an audio palette which allows you to play MP3 files.
Within the frame of TkH platform more than 20 theoretical-artistic programs and public actions have been organized: theoretical/artistic performances, installations, exhibitions, performance lectures, video films, educational-artivist projects etc. What connects most of them is re-reading various artistic disciplines (theatre, dance, opera, digital art, video), institutions (museum, gallery, university, Italian stage), and discourses (theory, dramaturgy, criticism), through the performance, as a critical practice that intervenes in the public space of the current society and culture.