opis casopisa eng
:: opis casopisa eng

TkH (Walking Theory) is an independent journal for performing arts theory. It was initiated by the platform TkH in 2000. The aims of TkH are to: provide an insight into the relevant practices of theory and performing arts today; organize debate by problematizing topics of actual interest; introduce emerging fields in performing arts, which haven’t penetrated the local scene; serve as a tool for educating theoreticians and artists within the referential frames of contemporary practices; and stimulate them to develop writing and articulating the problematics they tackle in their work.

Within the frame of TkH platform more than 20 theoretical-artistic programs and public actions have been organized: theoretical/artistic performances, installations, exhibitions, performance lectures, video films, educational-artivist projects etc. What connects most of them is re-reading various artistic disciplines (theatre, dance, opera, digital art, video), institutions (museum, gallery, university, Italian stage), and discourses (theory, dramaturgy, criticism), through the performance, as a critical practice that intervenes in the public space of the current society and culture.


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