Maska, Journal for Performing Arts is published in three double issues a year, each issue dedicated to one specific topic.


Other Scene

Other scene is a wide and flexible platform of the Belgrade independent scene. It gathers organizations, groups, and individuals involved in improvement work of a legal and infrastructural status of the independent scene; redistribution of public spaces; increasing of transparency of operational mechanisms and protocols of responsible institutions in arts and culture; as well as presence of the independent scene in media and public space.



Frakcija, Performing Arts Magazine, was established ten years ago by a group of dramaturgs, theatre theoreticians, critics and artists based in Zagreb. From its first issue FRAKCIJA has been providing a theoretical and critical support for projects that were of marginal interest to the (not only Croatian) mainstream media, theatre criticism and official drama and theatre studies.

UF naslov.jpg
Today, more than ever, it appears that phenomenon of melancholia is omnipresent and decisive. In any case, the losses in our time are manifold and numerous: the downfall of socialist projects, of the society as a whole, as a project, the disappearance of work and class, the loss of a viable alternative to the political economy of capitalism...
At this walk-through we will unveil a number of exciting new features that have been implemented as UpStage V2.01; these include clickable hyperlinks in the chat window, the ability to move your avatar in front of and behind other avatars on the stage, and an audio palette which allows you to play MP3 files.


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