Borrowing the title from the famous Dean Martin song, this notebook-like performance explores the mechanisms of forgetting, emotional consumption and remembering moments and spaces that have been evacuated or that were never there.
The second Summer Workshop takes place between 14 – 25 July on the campus of Palucca-Schule. The course program includes Contemporary Technique, Ballet Class, yoga, Forsythe Repertoire, Trisha Brown Repertoire and visual arts with dancers. Teachers are Stefan Dreher, Holger John, Mariah Maloney, Ana Catalina Román and Risa Steinberg.
He staged a building, some kind of historical site. he invited his colleagues and friends to stage the site and to direct themselves and to direct it themselves so they did a coming and going of friends and colleagues and friends and colleagues of friends discussing their work discussing proposals of work working working together a platform of exchange of merging of the smoothiest way to produce and gain knowledge of experiencing and training of invention a performance a strange performance a permanence
Jan Ritsema
At the same time that the official 2008 Olympic Torch is being kindled by the light of the Sun (Olympia, Greece), Stromajer & Zorman are digitally igniting a robot with computer software. Ballettikka Internettikka is an ongoing artistic study of the internet guerrilla performance.
Crime, sexuality and gender are issues that we would like to explore within the frames of our festival. We are interested in wider definitions of crime (in relation to sexuality and gender) which would go beyond the regular time / geography frame as well as beyond concentration solely on the victims – whose destinies leave them displaced, murdered, raped, tortured, killed.


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