... Besides baring herself to the flesh, the Actress will bare the audiences’ desire, not only embodying it, but also analyzing what she performs and confronting her ideal photo-self, her stage-self and her work-in-progress private-self.
Psychosis: room 4, James-Rufus, Mishima
Psychosis and Death of the Author: Algorithm – YU03/04.13 is theory based digital (CD-Rom, LAN, and Internet) theatre performance researching performing arts in the age of new media.
Ana Vujanović & Tanja Marković
Performance consists of seven smaller pieces performed mainly simultaneously in different spaces of Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.
performing gender
Performance is realized though 50 minutes of simultaneous performing of theoretical-practical events of constructing and deconstructing of ideological apparatuses of gender.
DreamOpera, Act I
Electronic opera composed of sampled and processed fragments of 6 operas from Monteverdi to Cage, live amplified piano, no conductor; 3 musicologists, 1 composer 1 theatrologist, 1 professor of aesthetics, 1 painter, 1 theatre director