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[self-education] Self-managed Educational System in Art (s-o-s project) / Belgrade / 2006-2008


Research project of TkH platform and Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade; in collaboration with PAF (PerformingArtsForum), St Erme, France


Siniša Ilić, Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović, Iva Nenić, Bojan Djordjev, Jelena Knežević, Vida Knežević, Ivana Marjanović, Ana Vilenica

Self-managed Educational System in Art is a research project on educational systems in the fields of arts and humanities, initiated by TkH platform, from Belgrade, in 2006. It was organized in collaboration with Kontekst Gallery, Belgrade. According to the original Serbian title: Samoupravni Obrazovni Sistem u umetnosti, we are using the acronym as a short title of the project both in Serbian and English: s-o-s-project.


Key topics/concepts of the project are: artistic education, research, self-organization, self-education/learning, (workers) self-management, application of open source procedures in education, contemporary contexts of knowledge production, management and commodification of knowledge*. s-o-s-project was conceived as an open system of scientific-research, theoretical-practical public lessons, presentations, and textual production that implement the practices of post-pedagogy in the fields of art theory, culture studies, cultural activism, and educational methods. Its goal was to find and/or shape critical alternatives to the official educational institutions in the direction of self-education, especially as a collective practice.

*Education: Provisional Glossary


s-o-s-group read and analysed several books and texts on education. Books that were fundamental for our research are: The Ignorant School Master by Jacques-a Rancière, Applied Grammatology by Gregory Ulmer, and Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich. Based on the educational procedures proposed by these books three public lessons were held: reading session for Rancière, theoretical performance for Ulmer and online chat for Illich.


The s-o-s project was presented at numerous educational events throughout Europe in 2006-08 including Summit of Non-Alligned Initiatives in Education Culture, Berlin 2007 and Documenta 12, Kassel 2007 through TkH Journal participation in the Documenta12 Magazines Project, Goat Tracks of Self-education conference, Belgrade 2007 and Tanzquartier self-education conference in Vienna, 2008.


For more information on the s-o-s project consult the TkH Journal No14 or the links below

For the complete documentation on the Goat Tracks of Self-education Conference consult the TkH Journal No15