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[theoretical performance] TkH: The Last Theoretical Performance "Générique " / 2009


premiere: January 23, 2009. Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište[Yugoslav Drama Theatre] - "Studio" stage


authors and performers: Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović, Bojan Đorđev, Siniša Ilić powered by: everybodys ( producer: Jelena Knežević organiser: Dragana Jovović produkction: TkH – Centre for Performing Arts Theory and Practice Belgrade, 2008/9. Duration: 60 minutes.

After a long line of theoretical performances that were performed since 2001 in opera house, boxing ring, botanical gardens, on the internet, TV, radio, in the university amphitheatre, classroom, museum, gallery, paper and Documenta 12 in Kassel, Walking Theory (TkH) shows its body for the last time. Tits, to be more precise.


There are four people in the room. Look at them closely... What do they ask us? What do they want? Why is this woman nervous? What is going on here? What did we witness? Why swearing now? Am I late? I always miss the best part... Seems I have arrived in the best moment. Should I say something? Isn't this manipulation? Who is a tigresse here? Are those the pieces of some cyber animal? Or was the stage inhabited by some monster? We have seen all this before... I am the tigresse! Boring intellectual discussion... Some kind of perversion. 


There are four bodies on display in the room. What should I think about them? How can i think? Body as a mind event... There's a leg in the stocking. Wristwatch. Lips are moving. Closely shaved cheek. Decoletage. Knees. Whisper. They don't stop... they could shut-up now. Is this deja vu? I'm glad that it's the last.


* performance is based on the methodological tool Générique by everybodys collective(