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[TV performance] SMS GUERILLA / Belgrade / 2005


Authors: Siniša Ilić, Ana Vujanović, and Bojan Djordjev First performance: Belgrade – TV Palma, TV Košava, TV Stankom, 3K | October 20th 2005. 22:00-00:00 | organisation: TkH-centre Second Performance: Novi Sad – TV Jesenjin | December 21st 2005. 22:00-01:00 | organisation: Per.Art


Siniša Ilić, Ana Vujanović, and Bojan Djordjev, Jelena Bogavac, Milena Bogavac, Vlatko Ilić, Tanja Marković, Maja Mirković, Dušan Murić, Jelena Novak, Marta Popivoda, Jelena Knežević, Mirjana Boba Stojadinović, Ana Vujanović, Bojan Djordjev, Siniša Ilić, guests from Ljubljana: Igor Štromajer i Brane Zorman

SMS GUERILLA is sms/text messages TV performance. It points to the lack of space for contemporary art in public space of mass media. The budget is minimal: It covers only the necessary means for work or weapons. The tactic is simple and precise: In the space of mass media there is a crack through which we could infiltrate for free in the public space (as opposed to payed time slots, ads, commercials, even specialised TV shows, that medicritise the entire field of contemporary arts FOR society). That crack is TV chating with sms/text messages, that is a regular programme of numerous TV stations. A number of collaborators (active in the field of contemporary arts) is invited to participate in the performance. The action is not announced on the TV stations; it starts as a surprise and it ends in the same way. The participants occupy the space of mass media with sms-text messages of contemporary art and about contemporary art (political, historical, informative, activistic, problematising, critical, unwanted, serious, what journalists never ask, what the discourse of mass media excludes).

Assumption1: The Media try to censor SMS GUERILLA for the sake of ’regular’ sms/text messages. That is why these sms/text messages must be so numerous in order to flood the space for TV chat and take it over from the ’jukebox’ and personal and sex ads.
Assumption 2: The action is half successful. But that is exactly a symptom - 2 hours of pure symptom that contemporary art produces for society. That symptom comes ’bottom-up’ (from the root of the art world), because from ’top-down’ (from the cultural politics) it is evacuated.