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[festival] LocoMotion - Movement as Meaning / contemporary dance festival/ 29.10 - 07. 11. 2009 / Skopje


29. 10 - 07.11 2009.

Locomotion –  contemporary dance festival
29.october – 07.november 2009, Skopje


LocoMotion – Movement as Meaning CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL


This is the second edition of the LocoMotion contemporary dance festival that, this year as well, aims to present an overview of the current discourses and practices in the field of contemporary dance, here and throughout the world.


Our motto Movement as meaning is meant to stress the fact that contemporary dance is an art form which through the signs in various concepts – the choreographic scores – communicates with us at different levels. These signs are numerous, and develop every day through diverse research of the body, its communication with various subjects, the existence in certain contexts, relations to given media and actions, and placement in different situations. Or, as Bojana Kunst states in her text Performing the Other / The Eastern Body, we need to “open up the body in-between with all different possibilities: volatile, impossible, energetic, translatable, vague, uncomprehensible, attractive, magnetic, inappropriate, alluring, disgusting, crazy, etc”. She also adds that these possibilities are “exactly the possibilities researched in the body of contemporary dance and it is no coincidence that the development of contemporary dance goes along with different concepts of understanding the body”. The selection of the festival is programmed in that direction.



Biljana Tanurovska - Kjulavkovski
Iskra Šukarova

Programmers of the festival


Festival Programme


29th October, Thursday
3:00pm- 5:30pm (MOB \ Press room) Workshop: Fast Forward Laboratory Skopje – How can contemporary dance contribute to the development of cultural institutions?


30th October, Friday
8:00 pm (Macedonian National Theater, Main Stage)
STILL LIVES, Skopje, 60`
Concept and Realization: Isabelle Schad / Bruno Pocheron (DE/FR)
Choreography: Isabelle Schad / Good Work Productions


1st November, Sunday
9:00 pm (Youth Cultural Centre)
Concept, choreography: Bara Kolenc


3th November, Tuesday
8:00 pm (Youth Cultural Centre)
Concept, choreography, art direction, dance: Jurij Konjar


4th November, Wednesday
8:00pm (Macedonian National Theatre, Main Stage)
Nomad Dance Academy, Short Cuts


Choreography: Zhana Pencheva


Choreography: Kire Miladinoski


HEIDI, 13`
Concept and choreography: Aleksandar Georgiev


Choreography: Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg


7th November, Saturday
7:00 pm (Macedonian National Theatre, Main stage)
Triple bill- multidisciplinary performing evening, Video, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop music

1] 7:00 pm Secrets for sale film from Elodie Pong (Switzerland), 64'

2] 8:00pm no.thing, dance performance from COMPAGNIE LINGA , 60'
Choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo (Switzerland)

3] 9:00pm Rap Titan musical performance with rapper Roberto Garieri and DJ Eagle (Switzerland), 60'


The festival is realized within the frame of Jardin d`Euroe Project, as part of the activities of Nomad Dance Academy.