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MISLIM REKU (I think of River) / Nhandan Chirco, Mala Kline / 29. 05. / Novi Sad


29 May 2008, 8.15 pm
Museum of Vojvodina
Dunavska 35
Novi Sad


Concept / directing: Nhandan Chirco (Italy)
Coreography: Mala Kline
Dance: Mala Kline (Slovenia) and Anna Nowicka (Poland)
Voice: Branko Popovic (Srb)
Live electronic - tape: Robert Roza (Srb)
Original music composed by: Milan Aleksic (Srb)
Video projection: Nhandan Chirco
Assistant for scene: Miljena Vuckovic (Srb)

Ensemble of musician:
Milan Aleksic – direction
Mina Mladenovic - violin
Anna Klemm - viola
Roni Beraha - violoncello
Ksenija Mijatovic - flute
Jovan Andjelkovic - clarinet

Producent: Milan Vracar
Production by: Kulturanova - Novi Sad
With collaboration of: YANVII – Italy
Contribution of: SNP - Serbian National Theater of Novi Sad
Commissioned by: Flow. Festival of Conversation for Culture and Science – Austria


MISLIM REKU  (I think of River)
Music Follows The Stranger's Walk
Site-specific study for a dance performance

An inner and an outer voice echoing along the urban sections of the river. Lines conceived in the intimacy of a poet's room. Stranger's gaze sliding across the water as he passes by. The river. A flow of images. A being to live with for a lifetime. A coagulum of our past and present bleeds. A substance that fuels the e-motions. A mental space overflowed with symbols in dreams. A bridge between the near bank and the far bank, familiar side and strange side, known front and unknown front.  Being both the riverbed and the river-flow. Looking at once from the bank and from the boat. Dancing the river's dangerous playfulness.


Based on fragments of the book " Miroslav Mandic " by Miroslav Mandic, and fragments from the text " The freedom bridge – out and about in Novi Sad " by Horst Widmer (Austria)