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[performance] GenderFlux / performancea & lecture / Henrik Heidnge / Thursday, may 06 at 17.30 / Galerija REMONT, Belgrade


Thursday may 06 at 17:30
Galerija REMONT, Trg republike, Belgrade


Three performances and a lecture


A lecture about Henrik Hedinge’s performance art combined with three performances about gender and stereotypes.


People looking for their persona. Their personality. Looking for their body of desire or being lost in their body. Hetero normal ways of living are changing. Hormones changing bodies and personas voluntarily of forced by pollution. Fast information flux in the era of internet making us dream and feel many more things than before.


Before maybe you felt that you were a man or a woman or gay. In today's twitter flow of quick information; desires and conceptions change quicker and quicker. No time to change your gender. Your gender has become a constant flow of gender metamorfis. GenderFlux.


Henrik Hedinge started working with performance in connection with sports and land art in Sweden. With furher performance work around in Europe new issues around media and popular culturure were explored. The period in Europe lead to a one year period of performance work in Latin Amerika with fruity torture, strawberry football, lucha libre and violent banana amputations. Now he is back in Europe with a new serier of performances - GenderFlux.




Henrik Hedinge (1980, Sweden)

Performance artist, curator and organizer of performance art projects.
Presented performances live at galleries, museums, performance festivals and cultural centres in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Italy, Norway, Paraguay, Sweden, Uruguay, Venezuela and Turkey.

Video performances have been screened or in other way presented at art festivals, performance festivals, film festivals, museums and galleries in Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and Uruguay.

Have participated in exhibitions with own performance material at galleries, museums and cultural centres in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Paraguay and Slovenia.

Have presented lectures about performance art at universities, museums, cultural centras, performance festivals and in schools in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Italy, Norway, Paraguay, Sweden, and Venezuela.

Performance residencies in Italy, Estonia, Norway, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.
In the area of performance art, he has curated and organized exhibitions, video screenings, books and collaborative projects in Sweden, Colombia, Italy, Paraguay.