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[call/reminder] PAF: WinterUpdateMeeting (WUM) / 26-12-09 - 03-01-10 / St.Erme (Fr)


The WinterUpdateMeeting (WUM) 2009 will be held from 26/12/09-3/1/10.
It will take place at PAF (PerformingArtsForum), St. Erme (France).

To residents of PAF.



The WinterUpdateMeeting (WUM) 2009 will be from 26/12-3/1.


You are free to come for a longer or shorter time.

Prices in this period are 12 euros per night plus 17 euro for food per day (3 meals, coffee and wine included).


You are invited to make proposals for lectures, workshops, showings, classes or discussions.
Nonetheless the WUM is considered more a meeting to update each other.
Unlike the SummerUniversity (SU) which is considered to exchange knowledge and experience actively.


In spring we will announce the SM (SpringMeeting), 9-15/4-2010, where we will exchange performances and other works of art that were important for you in the last year.

The SummerUniversity (SU) 2009 will be held from 30/7-8/8-2010.

PAF is open the whole year. 654 people visited PAF in 2009 sofar.


From 4 january 2010 every resident has to become member of the association PAF (for security reasons), the membership fee will be 10 euro for one year.



all the best!








Jan Ritsema/Association PAF
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02820 St Erme Outre et Ramecourt


T/F +33323801846
mobile: +33642806901
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