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[dance theatre] HOMMAGE A TROIS / Dragana Alfirević / 28 - 30. 11. at 20h / Dance Theatre Ljubljana / Ljubljana


Premiere : 28 november 2009 at 20.00

Reprises: 29 & 30 november 2009 at 20.00
Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Prijateljeva 2
1000 Ljubljana




concept: Dragana Alfirević


authors: Dragana Alfirević & Anna Nowicka


performers: Anna Nowicka, Dragana Alfirević, Lena Kordiš, Maja Isaković, Janja Buzečan, Jasna Pintarič, Simona Jerala, Manca Stare, Esta Matković, Nina Jereb, Urša Dubravica, Meta Černe, Teja Černe, Maja Eržen


dramaturgy: Dejan Srhoj


visual identity and light design: Maja Smrekar


sound: Peter Penko


production: Dejan Srhoj, Dragana Alfirević, Fičo ballet


HOMMAGE à trois is a piece based on questioning authorship and ownership of ideas; we are dealing with stretching the territories of copying and originality; we work from an understanding that paying tribute establishes authority, while at the same time undermines it. the performance is framed around different relations and relationships and our understanding of them. personal history of performers, exploring collective and personal memory was an important starting point



Performance was realized in collaboration with Dance Theatre Ljubljana and supported by Ministry of culture of Republic of Slovenia and Department for culture of city of Ljubljana



thanks to:
Galina Borissova, Sofija Stanic, Stephan A Shtereff, Gasper, mama