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[call for applications] AMSTERDAM MASTER OF CHOREOGRAPHY 2010 / deadline: November 15, 2009 / Amsterdam


Amsterdam Master of Choreography
Amsterdam, 2010-2011
Deadline: November 15, 2009


Amsterdam Master of Choreography


Artists who have established a professional practice and seek possibilities for further reflection and development, can increase their research skills at the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. This two- year non-residential program of Higher Professional Education of the Amsterdam School for the Arts aims to contribute to the field of critical and contemporary dance research and creation in the Netherlands and abroad.


The individual artistic practice is the point of departure of the program and will be the guiding thread of the course design.


The course contains six two-week periods with seminars consisting of intensive peer review and expert supervision/feedback with a dialogic engagement. Participants will additionally undertake an eight-week residency as part of their research. Though attendance at these events is mandatory, full time residency in Amsterdam is not a requirement. Two public performances are required but not assessed.


At the end of the two-year course, participants present their research in a public venue in collaboration with various organisations for public debate within the field of dance. Participants will be coached by mentors within a tight time plan for documentation of the research activities. In the final assessment the research practice of the individual artist, throughout the two-year course, and their contribution to the field, will be reviewed.



The Amsterdam Master of Choreography (formerly Dance Unlimited Amsterdam) has collaborated with Frascati WG, Springdance Festival in Utrecht, the masters of choreography Dance Unlimited Arnhem, Laban London, Waag Society, V2, STEIM and various MA programmes in the Netherlands (the Piet Zwart Institute, DasArts and the HKU among others).