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[premiere] The No-body Project / Anna Nowicka / 17. December / Ljubljana Dance Theatre, Ljubljana


Plesni Teater Ljubljana / Ljubljana Dance Theater

Prijateljeva 2

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Concept and creation: Anna Nowicka

Music: Primož Bončina
(trumpet samples from Olgierd Dokalski)

Dramaturgical advice: Anja Bajda

Graphic design: Philip Grüber Bojovich

Partners: YANVII - Cesena (Italy) and Zavod Vitkar (Slovenia)

Special thanks to: Branko Potočan and Dragana Alfirević , Maja Isakovič, Mala Kline, Katja Legin, Maja Smrekar;

The no-body project


“If truth to be told, I’m still nobody. And will be for a while. But in the future, I’d like to find out what it means to be a human being”
(from a documentary by K. Kieślowski “Talking Heads”)


“Sonzai-Kan” means in Japanese: “to sense a presence of something or somebody”. What happens if the sight tells you are meeting a human, but your senses cannot recognize a human being? What determines if one is alive? And quite the opposite: how does a body without life act? How does a body striving for life behave? What makes one human? What makes oneself a particular self?
What makes me – me?


Here all of these questions appear, constantly dissolving into the state of ‘in between’: a state of being in between death and life, in between reality and illusion, in between being a star and a no-body.