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[contemporary dance] SEMI-INTERPRETATIONS [...] / Nikolina Pristaš, / September 04, at 10pm / HKD na Sušaku, Rijeka


Saturday, September 4, at 10pm
HKD na Sušaku,
Strossmayerova 1, Rijeka

SEMI-INTERPRETATIONS or how to explain contemporary dance to an undead hare


a pre-premiere presentation in the framework of Zoom festival by Drugo more



“I don’t know how things stand. I know neither who I am nor what I want, but others say they know on my behalf, others, who define me, link me up, make me speak, interpret what I say, and enroll me. Whether I am a storm, a rat, a rock, a lake, a lion, a child, a worker, a gene, a slave, the unconscious, or a virus, they whisper to me, they suggest, they impose an interpretation of what I am and what I could be .”
Bruno Latour, The Pasteurization of France



Composition and modulations: Nikolina Pristaš
Notes and blackboxing: Goran Sergej Pristaš
Collaborators: Jasmin Dasović (sound), Alan Vukelić (light), Silvio Vujičić (costume), Ana Ogrizović (hare).



Semi-inspired by work of: Joseph Beuys, Francoise Delsarte, Steven Shaviro, Bruno Latour and Graham Harman



Project is supported by: Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sport, Ministry of Culture RH