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UrbanFestival 2008


The eight edition of the UrbanFestival festival will be held from 05th to 15th May in Zagreb under the general topic “How We Regret...”


Today, more than ever, it appears that phenomenon of melancholia is omnipresent and decisive. In any case, the losses in our time are manifold and numerous: the downfall of socialist projects, of the society as a whole, as a project, the disappearance of work and class, the loss of a viable alternative to the political economy of capitalism...


When we circulated this sort of a call for participation on the UrbanFestival, we were interested to open this issue in the art field, that is, in the domain of imagination, where feelings of loss aren't tied to the real world, but where imagination's creative spring is renewed, where we are allowed to think unburdened by these losses.

Chosen artists have made research visits to Zagreb, and the works that have resulted from this are their insights into the local millieu, its regrets, losses, roundabout routes and possible directions.


The most recent information about the festival, the program updates and additional visual materials can be found at the festival web site:


For the programme of the festival and more info download the PDF document.



organized by: [BLOK] - Local base for culture refreshment is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that produces and organizes innovative artistic events, woks on widening and changing public spaces through inspiring citizens participation, hybrid artistic research project focused on rethinking social phenomena and urban structure. [BLOK] works on creating and preserving continuum of artistic effect in the public space.

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