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[call for applications] EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY 2009 / deadline: 27.10.2008.


NOMAD Dance Academy
from 26th February to 22nd June 2009.

NOMAD Dance Academy is inviting young artists from the field of contemporary dance and related professions to the nomadic "dance-research-exchange" program from Sarajevo, via Skopje, Sofia, Belgrade and Zagreb to Ljubljana that takes place from 26th February to 22nd June 2009.


NOMAD/ Educational programme 2009 is dedicated to the group of up to 12 emerging artists from the Balkans who are motivated and mature to live, learn, work and move together for 4 months, creating a network for future artistic collaboration and continuing to work in contemporary dance.


NOMAD / Educational programme is made to improve and encourage exchange, education and creation in contemporary dance in the Balkans through a set of workshops, lectures, study visits and encounters with artists and theoretics from all related countries and abroad:


NOMAD / Educational programme is an opportunity to upgrade your artistic expression, to enhance your career at its early stage and to make a ground for future international collaboration.


NOMAD / Educational programme 2009 will provide daily professional open classes, workshops and lectures from contemporary dance practice and theory, space for individual research and contacts with local and international artists and institutions.


NOMAD / Educational programme gives up to 12 scholarships that cover part of the tuition fee, travel expenses and accommodation during 4 months (March-June). Meals and extra travels are students’ expenses.



Criteria and selection procedure:


1. Eligible are contemporary dance and performing artists and other professionals interested to work closer to the contemporary dance field from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, but also from other countries.


2. Application form (containing CV and motivation letter) and selected video material of your work shoud be received by 27th October 2008 to the local NOMAD office: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Tanzelarija, Bulgaria – Brain Store Project, Croatia – TALA, Macedonia – Lokomotiva, Serbia – Station Service for contemporary dance, Slovenia – Fičo Balet Others:

You can download it at or ask for it at the above given addresses. Late applications will not be considered!


3. NOMAD Artistic Board will evaluate all applicants and inform them about the results of selection until 15th November 2008.


4. Applicants from other countries, if selected, pay 800 EUR tuition fee and are expected to cover accommodation, travel and meals expenses. Organizers will help these applicants to search for other scholarships and grants.


5. Selected NOMAD students from the Balkans will be obliged to pay the participation fee of 300 EUR until 1st February 2009. The participation fee will not be reimbursed if a student decides to withdraw his/her application after this date.



For all questions and information about NOMAD program, teachers, partners and perspectives go to or contact NOMAD Artistic Board 2009: Dalija Aćin, Aleksandra Janeva, Goran Bogdanovski -



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