The performance On trial together is conceived as a hybrid public event between theatre play, choreography, social game, and happening. It takes place in a theatre venue, thereby reaffirming theatre’s capacity to symbolize the social. But here, the stage is reappropriated and becomes a place in public space where citizens discuss issues important to their society and speculate about its future through fictional constructions.
After a long line of theoretical performances that were performed since 2001 in opera house, boxing ring, botanical gardens, on the internet, TV, radio, in the university amphitheatre, classroom, museum, gallery, paper and Documenta 12 in Kassel, Walking Theory (TkH) shows its body for the last time. Tits, to be more precise.
BOXING MATCH — ready-made theatre is a literal boxing match realised according to all professional standards of boxing as a sport. However, that boxing match is transplanted in the institution of theatre, and surrounded with literal theatre protocol
Was it a thriller? A hopless love story? A melodrama? Is it about aliens, or dead men, or vampires, or lovers, or a fantasy? Or is it a dream? Or a cinema experiment, or the myth of Orpheus, or about the way we remembr things, or just about "persusasion"...or a pop video?
Direct goal: temporary takeover of mass media for contemporary arts General goal: re-politicizing the non-political space of the mass media in transitional Serbia by the means of contemporary art.