Artists are welcome from around the world. Residency periods can be arranged from 1 to 6 months. People working in all disciplines of art, e.g. visual, performing and media arts, music, criticism, research etc are encouraged to apply.
PACT Zollverein runs a residency programme, which is open to professional choreographers, theatre and performance makers from Germany and abroad. Shaped to suit individual needs, residencies are available throughout the year and can include rehearsal space as well as administrative and technical support for artists involved in researching, developing or realising projects or productions.
State on Stage tunes in on the relationship between governments and performing arts in European countries over the past fifteen years. In order to survive, performing arts organizations in Europe must adapt to ongoing changes in the artistic, commercial and political climate.
The main interest of SU08 is to experiment with and to test the practices PAF is developing and will develop in future: areas of research, modes (methods, procedures, techniques) of production, frames of collaboration, types of projects, discursive engagement by all interested participants. In a few words: all activities that make up knowledge production in the arts, theory and cultural practice, open and specific.
This programme is targeted to confirmed writers and artists who will be selected by a board of examiners on the basis of a project they would like to develop in Paris during their stay. This project can be carried out at the invitation of a Paris art institution within the framework of a programme of cultural cooperation or as a personal artistic research approach.