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[call for applications] ADVANCED PERFORMANCE TRAINING - postgraduate program / deadline: 10.08.2008. / Belgium


starts in January 2009
deadline: 10th of August 2008

APT is post-graduate training programme, part of PoPoK. It is an open research environment, based on the principles of self-education and collaboration. During a 12 month trajectory the participants are invited to develop their personal research project, in 3 separate blocks of 3 months. The learning zone of APT is defined on the one hand by the sharing of the research results of the participants (in discussions, showings, the development and sharing of tools, methodologies, etc...), and on the other hand the programme is constructed out of the needs for information or assistance of every one of them. That way APT provides a tailor-made programme of both practical, theoretical and technical working sessions, in matching the adequate material and ad hoc teaching staff to every single project that is developed.. For more information about APT, the programme, the guest curators and research projects of the current participants, consult our collaborative website

Your application

To apply for APT we ask you to send us a proposal for a research project. Your application is meant to give us a clear insight in what you aim to achieve in your 12 month-working period, the relevance of your project, and your willingness to open up your personal research to the critical platform of the APT-participants.


Your proposal should consist of:

  1. a clear text describing your project, including a quite clear planning of the first 3 month working period
  2. the relevance of this project to the development of your practice or knowledge production of the performance scene
  3. a proposal on how to develop and communicate your research to your fellow participants, and a wider audience
  4. some material illustrating your past achievements: DVD's, photos, texts, reviews, etc....
Maximum of 12 students.
For a full description of programme, projects, organisation, see

Send your application to:

APT (Advanced Performance Training)
p/a deSingel
Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155
2018 Antwerp


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