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[call for applications] PROGRAM IN CHOREOGRAPHY MA, 120 HP / deadline: 01/04/2010/ Stockholm


Admission criteria
The program requires BA exam in art, 120 p/180 hp, including choreographic composition, or an equivalent international education and comparable professional choreographic experiences.
Applicants without formal exams must validate fundamental criteria for university studies.
The program utilizes Swedish and English.
Send the application form no later than 1st of April 2010 to Dans och Cirkushögskolan.
Mårten Spångberg, Head of Department Choreography, Phone +46 76 887 48 99, Mail

The University of Dance and Circus are happy to announce the possibility to, on short notice, welcome two new students to join the present group of five students. Due to special events two additional positions at the program for choreography MA, University for Dance and Circus have been made possible for immediate application and start due the 19 April 2010.

Choreography is a proactive artistic dimension in contemporary society. The field choreography offers expansive actual and symbolic tools for the production and analysis of movement as a generic concept; explores processes and modes of production, collaboration, participation and creation of meaning. The concept of choreography is an open and inclusive field that spans a wide array of disciplines, operating across disciplines, media, discourses, practices, modes of analysis and production 


Choreography envisages conventional and alternative modes of expressions, operating in respect of specific structural, strategic and tactical capacities, correlated to spatial and conceptual locations in constant dialogue with contemporary and established practical, applied and theoretical discourses.


Choreography as a research field is expansive and general on the level of expression and specific on levels of structure and strategy. It is an open ended cluster of spatio-temporal dynamisms due production, images, action, relations, writing and being.


Research in the subject of choreography thus contributes to the development of society and an expanded awareness of forms of expression and their imprint on our contemporary world.


The program in choreography offers a research-intensive environment where practice and theory is intermingled due approaches that emphasizes production of knowledge and innovative modes of analysis and production in choreography. The program focuses on the student’s individual needs and requirements although organized around a larger degree of guided learning experiences. Modes of production, collaboration, experience, participation, representation is stressed in front of elaboration of aesthetic expression and composition.


Participation in international networks is an important part of the program next to active engagements in the local and national choreography context.


The program aim at offering the student opportunities to invent a radically individual practice independent of expression or discipline, choreography is not a location, something recognizable, it is a state of being.


The program is a high profile MA education in choreography designed by Mårten Spångberg operating primarily through international competence, such as: Franco Berardi (IT), Alice Chauchat (FR), Bojana Cvejic (SER/BE), Laurent David (FR), Marcus Doverud (SE), Valeria Graziano (IT), Dorothea von Hantelmann (DE), Keith Hennesy (US), Mette Ingvartsen (DK), Krööt Juurak (EE/AT), Jennifer Lacey (US/FR), Xavier Le Roy (DE/FR), Antonia Livingstone (CAN), Sergej Pristas (HR), Jan Ritsema (FR), Axseli Virtanen (SF), Florian Schneider (DE), Christine De Smedt (BE), Tino Sehgal (DE), Elizabeth Ward (US).