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[call for participation] 13. TEATARFEST - International theatre festival / deadline: December 31 2009 / Sarajevo


13. TEATARFEST - International theatre festival
May 2010, Sarajevo
deadline: December 31, 2009

13. TEATARFEST - International theatre festival
Sarajevo, May 2010


is an international meeting point of theater groups which have a special way to form their theatre expressions.


Teatarfest's aims are:
- creative and alternative projects, research the directing, performing, speech, movements, costumes, music and other important elements of theatre expressions;
- projects which research new spaces and media.


Teatarfest is a way of showing the technical possibilities in theatre; examination of gained experience, the cooperation of different theater visions and achievements; a meeting place, where artists can exchange their own theatre experiences which, in many ways, can enrich the artistic creations of others.




  • An obligation, to take part in the election process, is to APPLY PER APPLICATION FORM (download here) together with all the required material,
  • Send the material per standard mail (not e-mail),
  • Use English, Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian language.

After the announce conclusion, the commission responsible for selection will choose the plays which are going to participate in the official festival production, and the executive producer of the festival will make a playing schedule.
Theatre groups guarantee to be present and to participate on all shows and discussions during the festival (Round table).




  • All of the participants have food, and three-day accommodation free of charge as well as free entrance at plays and programs organised by Teatarfest.
  • Teatarfest does not pay for travel expenses or fees.
  • Foreign groups will get a translator.






TEATARFEST, Medjunarodni centar
Fehim Serdarevic
Pruščakova 12
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegowina
tel: +387 (033) 442 958