El Ranchito
We are not experts who come to Madrid to explore its scene, nor we approach it as an exotic tribe. We define ourselves as ‘aliens’ to the scene, who are theoretically-politically laden. Thus, we could hopefully give a challenging insight into the scene, being outside its circles, clans, and doxa. On the other hand, we see this research as a tool to re-think our own context and scene.
The mission of this theoretically activist platform is not to resolve social problems but to animate the local contemporary art scene to become more aware of its social context and production conditions, to re-think its own position, place, practice and discourse and, above all, to be more active in transforming a feeling of “cannot” – within the limits or horizons of possibility are – into its own, self-organized “can”.
Deschooling Classroom is a project that addresses the contemporary independent cultural scenes in the region, researching and offering an alternative to the hierarchical models of education in the art and culture. Methodologically, the project moves away from the concepts of individual authorship and expertise, and advocates open collective educational structures where self-organised communities facilitate horizontal production, exchange and distribution of knowledge.
s-o-s, diagram1
s-o-s project (2006-07) was conceived as an open system of theoretical-research, public lessons and textual production that implemented the practices of post-pedagogy in the fields of art theory, cultural activism, and educational methods. Its goal was to shape critical alternatives to the official educational institutions in the direction of self-education as a collective practice.